What’s Wrong with Your Shower Routine

1. Avoid Using Very Hot Water – Showering with very hot water actually strips the skin of its natural oils that help retain moisture and softeness. Lukewarm water is the best for comfort and also prevents drying of the skin.

2. Wash Your Hair First – Loosen the dirt and oil, then apply minimal amounts of shampoo (the recommended amount is a quarter-sized dollop). Be sure to get to the roots and hairline. Don’t forget the back of your neck as it’s actually where most of your hair’s oil ends up collecting.

3. Do Not Share Loofahs – While sharing soap is generaly fine, sharing loofahs or scrubbing tools is not. They can harbor bacteria, molds, and other potentially harmful things. Also, when using a loofah, allow it to completely dry every day, and that they should be replaced regularly.

4. Conditioners’ Effects are Instant – There’s actually no need to leave your conditioner in. As soon as you thoroughly apply it, you can immediately wash it off.

5. Overscrubbing Can Do Damage – Exfoliate once or twice a week, never every day. Never aggressively scrub or exfoliate your skin, as it can cause irritation and sensitivity and can do more damage than harm.

6. Apply Moisturizers ASAP – Just before or right after your step out of the lukewarm water is when you should be applying your moisturizer. The lotion’s job is to trap the moisture in the skin.

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