What Makes the Coolifting Treatment Special

Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles has always been the corner stone of aesthetics and skin rejuvenation. Most modern treatments almost always involve an injectable product or an invasive surgery. The Coolifting Gun, also known as the Beauty Gun, is straight out of the future – it’s simple, fast and effective. The Beauty gun uses a powerful flow of CO2 combined with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives. This is all done in high pressure and a very low temperature.

So what does it do? The CO2 flow on the facial tissue along with the atomized actives creates an intense reaction with your skin. The sudden thermal shock, caused by the intense frigid treatment, stimulates the face’s underlying tissue. This makes the circulating vessels alternate between expanding and contracting. It activates blood microcirculation and induces the production of collagen and elastine. This treatment also increases the amount of oxygen transported into the skin tissue.

The Beauty Gun does two things – an immediate lifting effect that eliminates fine-to-moderate wrinkles, reducing the appearance of deep skin-folds and smoothes the skin; and also invigorates the skin through intense collagen and elastine production, the regeneration of the dermis and the improvement of skin texture.

This treatment has been developed in Barcelona to treat wrinkles created by facial expressions and by aging – mainly on the outline of the eyes, the forehead, the cheeks and the lip area.

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