Laser Hair Removal

Thinking about getting laser hair removal? Read our blog post explaining the facts about the treatment.

We successfully utilize 2 different State of the Art Laser Systems, depending on the hair color and the skin color of the client:

The Lumenis Light Sheer Duet — a high-tech diode system for fair skin. The Lumenis Light Sheer uses vaccum-assist technology, and a large spot size option, enabling us to treat large areas like the back and the legs, with comfort and speed.

The Fotona Dynamis Pro- our new 1064-Nd Yag system for skin of color – Our new 1064-Nd Yag system for skin of color. The Fotona 1064, uses a longer wavelength allowing us to safely treat unwanted hair on a wider variety of skin and hair colors; Great for darker skin tones.

Pricing and Description

Laser Hair Removal

Treatment can be performed on any area of the body.

Will require 4-6 treatments, depending on skin color. Treatment is safe and effective for all skin tones.

Please call us for specific pricing of individual areas

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