Tips for Getting Healthy Nails


Are your nails healthy? Did you know that the appearance of your nails reflects your overall health? Weak, brittle, splitting or peeling nails are often and indication of an underlying condition, and can vary from:

-Harsh manicures/pedicures
-Vitamin deficiencies
-Fungal infections
-Thyroid problems

However the only way to pinpoint your condition would be to visit your dermatologist. To improve the overall health of your nails, here are a couple of simple tips that you can follow:

– Keep your nails clean and dry to prevent infections from fungus and bacteria. These organisms thrive in damp and dirty conditions.

– Do not bite your fingernails. People do this out of habit and end up damaging their fingernails in the long run.

– Try to avoid using your nails as a tool, like opening soda cans. Too much pressure on your nails can result in nail tissue injury.

– Trim your nails regularly. Nails are easier to trim when they are damp so one of the best times to do this is when you’re just out of the shower.

– wear shoes and socks that fit properly. Avoid ill-fitting socks and shoes in order to allow your toenails some proper room.

– When you are in a public shower area, like at the pool or at the beach, make sure your wear flip flops or sandals to prevent any fungal infections.

– Remember to moisturize your nails as well. As your age, your nails dry out as they lose their natural oils that keep the nail layers together.

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