Three Supplements For Glowing Skin

A skincare routine should not only consist of creams or cleaning habits. It should also have a dietary component and if needed, a supplement component. This can come in the form of diet and supplement pills that are sold over-the-counter. We will look at three supplements that are ranked by dermatologists as the best for your skin:

Fish Oil/Fatty Acids from Seafood – Fatty acids found in fish oil, like Omega-3, help keep moisture in your hair and also helps combat hair loss in general. The long chain fatty acids found in omega-3 adds more shine and strength to hair strands. Not only that, omega-3 also aids in the repair of skin cells and moisturizing the skin. Taking fish oil capsules a day or sticking to a diet of fish like salmon can help your skin more than you think.

Vitamin A – Those with skin prone to acne breakouts should always be getting a healthy does of vitamin A. In fact, the lack of vitamin A can lead to poor skin complexion, leaving you with a dull-looking appearance. Accutane, a treatment medication used to fight acne, contains vitamin A as its primary ingredient. A regular daily vitamin supplement capsule should contain enough vitamin A for you and as for foods: carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli contain a great amount of it.

Zinc – This mineral is an integral part of your skin’s defense mechanism. Zinc slows down the formation of free radicals – molecules that damage your skin. It also protects your skin’s fat layer and the cells that produce collagen (your skin’s structural support and what keeps it plump and supple). Zinc also helps in formation of scabs that protect your skin when you get cuts. A quicker-forming scab meaning a quicker healing time for your cuts, and can minimize scarring. Foods like beans, nuts and whole grains contain good amounts of zinc for your diet.

Your dermatologist can assess if you’re lacking any vitamin or mineral that may be causing poor complexion, acne breakouts or just making your skin look dull. He or she will then recommend how you can increase your intake, whether it be from a dietary adjustment or through over-the-counter supplement pills.

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