Three Essential Bedtime Habits For Your Skin

It is recommended that you have a nightly skincare routine that you stick to before you go to bed, just as you have your daily skincare routine that you go through before you leave for the day. When you sleep, your skin focuses on regenerating and healing itself. A bedtime skin routine is very much essential to help with the healing and the creation of newer and younger skin cells.

1. Washing Your Face – Wash your face before you go to bed, not with water and soap but with a cleanser that is compatible with the type of skin that you have. Cleansers are a lot more effective than water and soap because they contain substances that thoroughly clean your face – removing dirt, oil, and makeup. Doing this routine before you sleep will prevent clogging of the pores and is a good way to prevent the build up of dead skin cells that result in bad skin tone.

2. Apply Your Skincare Products – Dermatologists recommend to allow 12 hours for your skincare products to work, so your bedtime is the perfect time to allow for any skin toning creams, eye serums, or acne treatments to hit peak effectiveness. Why? Because when you are asleep you are not exposed to sunlight, or dirt and grime, and your body is barely moving. This means that the substances that allow your skincare products to work interact with your skin in a better way because you are in a more controlled state.

3. Hydrate by Moisturizing – The one thing that happens to your skin when you sleep is that it can dry out. Ever wonder why sometimes you feel thirsty when you wake up? That’s because you become dehydrated after not drinking water for many hours in the night while you’re asleep. Your skin can also become dehydrated but the result is dry texture and possible chafing. This can all be prevented when you apply a moisturizer just before you sleep. This is why it’s important to apply a moisturizer specifically for your skin type before you catch some zzz’s, and by moisturizer we mean a facial moisturizer and a body lotion.

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