The Skin Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms

Saunas and steam rooms can incredibly relaxing and refreshing for your skin. From a health and beauty standpoint, saunas and steam rooms general can have a positive impact on your skin.

The humidity in steam rooms and saunas are at 100%, making the skin completely hydrated. The hydration on your skin can be very beneficial in keeping the surface layers healthy by keeping them moist. However, as soon as you leave the steam room, you should apply a protective moisturizer to seal the hydration in.

Another benefit is that your blood circulation increases with the heat in the steam room or the sauna. Your skin cells gets their nutrients through the blood, and with increased blood circulation, the skin repair process becomes much swifter, resulting in younger-looking skin.

When you’re in a sauna or a steam room, you’re constantly sweating. Our skin excretes sweat not only to keep us cool but also to get rid of toxins and waste. Being in these warm and humid enviroments allows the skin to detoxify itself.

With all these benefits of saunas and steam rooms, what are some potential risks?

Sweat dissipates slower in moist environments, resulting in quicker breeding of bacteria. Skin disorders like acne and psoriasis can get worsen as a result. Those with rosacea should also be wary about being in hot environments as it can trigger a flare-up.

Many skin care experts recommend visiting saunas and steam rooms from time to time as it can have some positive effects, but remember to take into account any pre-existing conditions and to do it in moderation.

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