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Five Common Causes of Itching

Five Common Causes of Itching

Itching is something we’ve all experienced and it’s satisfying to scratch that itchy part of your skin. It can be on a small part of your skin, on scattered all around, or all over your body. It’s inconvenient and could pose as a symptom of something else.

Here are five common causes of itching (in no particular order):

1. Insect Bites – Insect bites are categorized by red, bumps on your skin. Itching is a common symptom associated with these, however not all insect bites look the same. Mosquito bites look different from flea and ant bites. Make sure to cover up when outside and use bug spray to keep them off your skin.

2. Coming in contact with allergic substances – It could be flora, certain fabrics or even food or medicine...

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