Skin Care 101

Every day I am asked, “Doc, what can I do for my skin?”  I can tell you that taking care of your skin, like taking care of your car requires some daily maintenance and some weekly special treatments and quarterly tune-ups.  It’s not vain to want to look as good as you can.  Healthy skin is a reflection of your inner health and attractive skin helps boost self-esteem and opens doors.  Simply put, your skin radiant and beautiful, makes you more desirable.

It needs the 4 basics daily:

1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Moisturization/Protection
4. Repair

As a dermatologist of over 30 years, I have not found that “one” magic cream, magic soap, or magic pill to do it all and make the skin recover from damage and neglect and develop that healthy glow.

So unless you are one of those lucky people who does nothing and still has beautiful skin, then you will need to do the basics as listed below to maintain your best complexion, keeping in mind that some skin care lines are better than others in terms of  simplicity of use, quality ingredients,  visible results, and price point.  At Divine Dermatology, we have the solution for you.

Remember, sticking to this routine is key:

-Facial cleaning twice per day morning and night, (this includes the vee of  your neck, and ears), with cleanser suitable for your skin type, dry, oily or combination.

-Toning after cleansing, with toner specific for our skin type, is to bring your skin back to its correct pH, and can be corrective, further cleansing, shrinking pores, etc

-Moisturization and sun protection factor 30 day cream should be applied to ones face and throat every morning before leaving the bathroom, after brushing teeth. Apply this cream every day, even on a cloudy, rainy day, spent indoors.

-Overnight use repair serums and night creams on face, neck, and ears. A variety of products are available, some  with vitamins A, B, C, D or E,  retinoids, hydroquinones, acids, peptides, copper, minerals, hyaluronic acid,  essential oils, ceramides, etc, all of which are designed to enhance your skin’s firmness, hydration, texture, and luminosity, plumping up skin cells, reducing the signs of aging like sagging, wrinkles, and solar dark spots.

-Once a week gently exfoliate, in a steamy shower, with fine cleansing granules. Use a calming clay mask afterward to complete your weekly special treatment. Finish with your night cream for a more intensive treatment.

-Quarterly, consider getting a professional microdermabrasion treatment at your dermatologist’s office (ask for a non-particle treatment) or ask if a chemical peel would be more appropriate for your skin.   Some people can tolerate both on the same day, some cannot tolerate either.  It depends on your skin type and coloring.  Ask your dermatologist about what fillers and injectable rejuvenation with neurotoxins, or micro-needling with PRP can do for you, as opposed to laser and IPL treatments.   Do not assume you can do any treatment, ask for the least aggressive treatment first, test the waters, then, if all is well you can have a more aggressive treatment the next quarter.

These are but a few tips from a dermatologist as to how to revive and maintain your most beautiful facial skin. You must also avoid suntanning, sunburns, and smoking to have your best skin.

At Divine Dermatology we have discovered the simplest approach to getting and keeping rejuvenated beautiful skin:  It’s the Rodan and Fields line.

Call us for your personalized skin care consultation appointment at (727) 528-0321.

The $100 fee will go towards your products or service. For more details about skin care products or faster service, visit these website: or click on shop now, then click on “Solution Tool” to find your basic products for your skin type

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