Psoriasis Relief from Epionce

Do you have Psoriasis? Then we have three products for you from Epionce:

From their website:

Epionce comes in to help calm the symptoms of psoriasis. Epionce used at-home can help relieve the symptoms and improve the appearance of the skin.  Epionce excels at not only stopping the inflammation, but also at repairing the skin barrier.  And, the anti-microbial properties found in certain Epionce products help to clear and prevent secondary infections.

First is the Epionce Lytic gel cleanser for psoriasis skin made with anti-inflammatory and barrier-repairing ingredients. It is designed to work on the frustrating visible symptoms of psoriasis like redness and thick scale. It is formulated to actively remove oils, dead skin cells and help eliminate harmful microbes, while relieving inflammation and smoothing the skin.

Next is the Epionce Lytic treatment is a keratolytic lotion that helps reduce plaque build-up and reduce chronic inflammation of the psoriasis skin. It reduces skin imperfections by removing excessive and abnormal skin cells.

Lastly, there is the Epionce Extreme Barrier or medical barrier creams are used last to renew and fortify the damaged skin barrier to relieve itching and tenderness. This highly potent protector takes weak, damaged, scaly skin and infuses it with strength, moisture, and a protective shield against further harm.

For more information, visit Epionce’s section on Psoriasis.

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