Maximize Your Results from Botox and Fillers

So you finally took the plunge and got botox and fillers to rejuvenate your skin. Chances are, the results are fantastic. Your face looks more plump, and your fine lines and wrinkles no longer look too visible, and you’re happier overall. Now the question is, how can you maximize and prolong your results? Here are three things you can do:

1. Protecting Your Skin From The Sun
One of your skin’s greatest enemies is damage from the harsh UV rays coming from prolonged sun exposure. The sun’s rays can actually reverse the effects of botox and fillers. Whenever you go outside, you should always lather up your skin with sunscreen with at least SPF 30. On top of that, you should wear proper clothing that can help with even more protection – wide-brimmed hats and clothes that sufficiently cover up your limbs.

2. Reducing Your Stress Levels
A lot of fine lines and wrinkles can come from stress. Having high levels of stress means your body is producing more cortisol, making it more susceptible to inflammation, and makes your skin age faster. This means that wrinkles and fine lines develop quicker. Make sure you engage in activities that reduce your stress, like eating healthy food and getting the right amount of sleep every night. Meditation can also help relax your body more and make you feel more calm.

3. Having a Skincare Routine
This means that you are actively taking care of your skin using different products and treatments. Having an ongoing and active skincare routine will definitely help your results from botox and fillers last longer. Facial cleansers, moisturizers and various serums can help keep your skin in pristine condition. Getting treatments like facial peels, microdermabrasions and laser resurfacing also help your skin look younger. On top of that, getting maintenance treatments of botox or fillers will prolong your results.

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