How Does Skin Bleaching Actually Work?

There can be some misinformation regarding skin bleaching and how it’s actually used and done. Many people believe that skin bleaching is a purely cosmetic treatment. However, dermatologists actually tend to prescribe skin bleaching agents to their patients for skin diseases. There are some skin diseases that can cause hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration or skin tone unevenness, like acne and the scars it produces, or vitiligo and the spots it produces. Skin issues like melasma, caused by hormone imbalance, also makes your skin tone look uneven.

Some cosmetic uses for hydroquinone include the fading the appearances of freckles, skin spots, and birth marks. Some individuals can use this treatment to lighten their neck, hands, groin and armpits.

How do skin bleaching agents “clear up” your skin?
Skin bleaching treatments actually reduce your skin’s melanin-producing mechanism. When you apply a bleaching cream to an area with a lot of pigmentation, that patch of skin’s melanin production is temporarily reduced, disrupting further darkening. This allows your skin tone to look more uniform. Other skin bleaching agents peel off your skin as well through exfoliating substances. Peeling away dead skin cells and dull-looking skin layers will end up renewing your skin’s appearance through increased cell regeneration, resulting in younger-looking and more balanced skin tone.

Hydroquinone Side Effects
Hydroquinone treatments are prescribed by your dermatologist after he or she comes to a conclusion that you would need a stronger bleaching treatment beyond just over-the-counter medication. However, as effective as hydroquinone can be, it also comes with certain side effects. Sometimes there can be some mild burning, redness or dryness. If you experience an allergic reaction with your hydroquinone treatments, contact your medical provider immediately. For more information about possible side effects, you should contact your dermatologist.

If you think that you may benefit from hydroquinone skin bleaching treatments, you should schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss your options.

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