Dr. Sims on Growth Factors

DermapenI have to say that I recently attended a mircroneedling certification course in Fort Lauderdale and I came away with excitement about the new availability of Human fibroblast Growth Factors, of high concentration, that can now be used during microneedling procedures and at home.

These highly concentrated serums are patented and formulated to help diminish the signs of aging and sun damage by stimulating the skin’s renewal processes and encouraging healthy cell regeneration and collagen production. Here at Divine Dermatology, we are utilizing these growth factors in our anti-aging Rejvapen/Dermapen procedures, to brighten,and lift sagging skin, as well as retailing the home use serums to the savvy consumer.

A forward thinking company called AQ Skin Solutions of Mission Viejo, CA, has developed these potent biological products with different growth factor serums for wrinkle repair, hair regrowth, eyelash growth, and even vaginal rejuvenation. I am using their “Active Serum” daily on my face, after I had the “Recovery Serum” (a 99% growth factor rich serum) microneedled in 4 weeks ago, and I am enjoying a new luminosity to my skin and can’t wait the do my next treatment. This line of products is on the cutting edge of rejuvenation dermatology.

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