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The Cancer Institute NSW is Australia’s first statewide government cancer agency, and they’re trying to reach an important and often difficult-to-reach demographic, young people. Per the ad, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer among young people in the world! A frightening statistic, no doubt. Here in Florida we know a lot about the challenges with protecting your skin from the sun year round, but as expected, most young people are typically the last to concern themselves with protecting their skin. Do you think a campaign like this could work here in the United States? Learn more about this campaign below the video.


Digital agency Soap Creative has unveiled its first campaign for Cancer Institute NSW, launching a lifestyle brand, Pretty Shady, aimed at encouraging young Australians to be part of the generation that stops skin cancer.

Driving the multi-channel campaign is a “manifesto video”, directed by Josh Logue, set to the soundtrack of Gosling’s ‘Harvest of Gold’. The video features the brand’s ambassadors including Gossling, professional skateboarder Corbin Harris and pro surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey.

The video runs across cinema and TV.

Ross Raeburn, managing director at Soap Creative, said in a statement: “Cancer Institute NSW knew that a traditional TV campaign alone wasn’t what was needed to reach the youth audience with this message.

“Pretty Shady will engage young Australians with a rich mix of video and social content, PR driven by our collaborators, plus cool free stuff.  It’s an innovative approach that we’re confident that will, over time, change young Australians’ behaviour in the sun.”

via Soap Creative creates Pretty Shady to promote skin cancer awareness – mUmBRELLA.

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