A Personal Letter to Everyone with Skin

Hey folks,

Please don’t forget about the importance of doing your own self-body exams every day. Check your “birthday suit” for new moles, changing moles and odd moles because they can become a problem later in life. The basic rule of thumb for doing your mole check is the A, B, C, D E rule. A mole is suspicious and needs attention from your dermatologist if:

A – it is or becoming Asymmetric

B – it has irregular Borders, and is not perfectly round

C – it develops more than one Color

D – its Diameter is 6mm or more (greater than the size of a pencil eraser)

E – it is Evolving (changing)

Remember that melanoma can happen at any age and to any ethnic group. To find out more about examining your moles, visit our Cancer Detection page.

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