What To Do About Blackheads

Blackheads are these little bumps that appear on your skin when your hair follicles are clogged up by dirt, oil or dead skin. Each hair follicle has one hair strand and a sebaceous gland that produces the oil, also known as sebum, that covers your skin. When dead skin cells, dirt and your skin’s own oil collect around the opening of your hair follicle, a blackhead forms. They are called blackheads because the surface of these bumps look very dark, or black. Blackheads are a type of mild acne and usually appear on your face. However, they can also appear on other parts of your body like your back, neck, and chest.

What can you do about Blackheads? There are nose strips available from pharmacy stores that can be used to strip blackheads manually from your nose. This method is the easiest way to remove blackheads but results are not always so satisfactory. However, your dermatologist offers various treatments that can help you remove blackheads from your skin. Here are three of them:

1. Retinoids – When you visit your dermatologist about your blackheads, he or she can recommend retinoids that are compatible with your skin type. These acids help loosen blackheads, making them easier to remove, and will help prevent formation of future ones.

2. Chemical Peels – Facial treatments like chemical peels strip your skin’s older, outer layer, taking with it the dirt, grime and oil that has accumulated over time. A solution is applied on your skin by your skincare professional, and the top layers of your skin eventually peel off, revealing smoother, younger layers from underneath.

3. Microdermabrasion – This treatment uses an instrument that sands off the outer layer of the skin. Along with it is a suction that removes all the dead skin cells and blackheads that come off during the session.

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