We Cater to Cowards

Ready for skin rejuvenating procedures – lasers, fillers, microneedling, but afraid of pain or needles?


Pro-NoxWell, now there’s Pro-Nox conscious Sedation! Divine Dermatology has this new safe inhaled anesthesia, which combines two safe gases: oxygen and nitrous oxide, in a 50:50 ratio, available to all of our patients who desire this added comfort during their cosmetic procedures.

As the doctor providing these wonderful procedures, lifting faces, filling wrinkles, treating scars and age spots, etc, I have found Pro-Nox to be an invaluable tool. My patients love this option to have their treatments done pain-free and without risk. Pro-Nox is absolutely safe and wears off quickly after the procedure, allowing the patient to drive home safely as soon as they are discharged.

Patients are awake during their procedures, but are not experiencing discomfort during the procedures. It’s the perfect solution. Ask for it by name when you come to Divine Derm for your rejuvenation treatments.


To find out more about the Pro-Nox Conscious Sedation, call us at (727) 528-0321

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