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Every Day Things To Consider When You Have Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin have to watch out for many everyday things that can cause flare-ups, acne breakouts and other conditions that can be very uncomfortable. Here are three things that you should consider:

1. Fabrics
Many people with sensitive skin can become itchy when they start wearing certain types of fabric. Certain clothes with harder fabrics can be rough on the skin, and the friction from wearing them can cause itchiness and rashes. There is also the possibility of the treatments used by manufacturing companies on the fabrics. This includes any dyes for fabric coloration, and resins used to make them wrinkle-resistant. You should also take into account where the clothes have been.

Remember that even if you brought them from a store, it may mean that other people have tried o...

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Skin Care Products and Your Skin Type

You must always remember that your skin care routine SHOULD BE TAILORED to your skin type. Here are the most common skin types: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, and Combination.

Sensitive – Your skin can easily have a reaction to certain environmental conditions or products. This means that you may get easily sunburned, or certain types of makeup can give you acne breakouts, or certain health conditions can also affect your skin.

Dry – If your pores are almost invisible, or if your skin looks less elastic and has more lines visible, then you may have dry skin.

Oily – Opposite to dry skin, your pores are actually enlarged and you may have a lot of blackheads, pimples or other skin blemishes, and you have a shiny complexion.

Combination – This is the most common skin type...

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Five Common Causes of Itching

Five Common Causes of Itching

Itching is something we’ve all experienced and it’s satisfying to scratch that itchy part of your skin. It can be on a small part of your skin, on scattered all around, or all over your body. It’s inconvenient and could pose as a symptom of something else.

Here are five common causes of itching (in no particular order):

1. Insect Bites – Insect bites are categorized by red, bumps on your skin. Itching is a common symptom associated with these, however not all insect bites look the same. Mosquito bites look different from flea and ant bites. Make sure to cover up when outside and use bug spray to keep them off your skin.

2. Coming in contact with allergic substances – It could be flora, certain fabrics or even food or medicine...

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Shower Habits that Could Damage Your Skin

Shower Habits that Can Cause Damage to your skin

For many of us, taking a shower is an auto-pilot activity. You get in, you turn the water on and then wash, later and rinse your body. However, there are some common shower habits that could cause damage to your skin, and what you can do to correct them.

1. Taking showers that are too hot – Hot water strips your skin’s natural oils, leaving it very dry. Hot water also turns your skin red, meaning that the blood circulation underneath it is increased. This means that the chances of inflammation rises, resulting in itching, rashes and acne.

What you can do – Take a shower with water that has the same temperature of your skin, or just a little warmer.

2. Taking showers that are too long – A shower that is more than 10 minutes in length is considered too long by many dermatologists...

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Skincare tips to survive a “cold” Gasparilla Invasion

With the impending Gasparilla invasion upon Tampa Bay, here are some tips to keep you looking and feeling good during the pillaging and plundering by Jose Gaspar and his crew of pirates.

  • gasparilla-harbor-island-flMoisturize

As Gaspar’s invasion arrives just before noon, it also kicks off a long parade and day filled with celebration. Not only do we recommend you moisturize first thing in the morning, but you may want to bring your moisturizer with you since we are expecting to have quite a day of sunshine and cold winds blowing across the bay. Remember your lip balm, too! Cold winds actually dry out your skin more than our usual warm (hot) weather and humidity.

  • Sunscreen

Even in parts of the country that currently under inches of snow, it’s still possible to get sunburned...

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