How To Prevent Wrinkles

The one thing that a lot of people worry about as they age is getting wrinkles – those fine lines on your forehead, between your brows, around your eyes and nows. Wrinkles may be cute on babies, puppies but not on us. It’s true that we cannot stop the aging process but we can minimize its effects.

So what exactly should you be doing to prevent from wrinkles forming?

1. Skin Care
You should have a defined skin care regimen beyond using soap when you shower. This include:

A. Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis – Because dry skin has a lot of creases and looks very “crepey”. Adding moisture to your skin plumps it up and smooths out the creases. Make sure to use a moisturizer that matches your skin type. The best time to moisturize is around three minutes after taking a shower.


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Your Skin and Autoimmune Diseases

Are you familiar with autoimmune diseases? Some disorders of the body can cause your immune system to underwork, or overwork itself. If your immune system overworks itself, it ends up attaking your own body and damaging your own cells. Your immune system can start producing antibodies that attack your own tissues instead of fight infections.

Some autoimmune diseases have symptoms that not only affect your internal organs but also your skin. The disease manifests itself physically via the appearance of rashes, blisters and skin inflammation besides internal symptoms like joint pain, muscle aches or fatigue.

Here are some autoimmune diseases that have symptoms which affect your skin:

Psoriasis – When your body’s skin cells are overactive and form new cells too quicker than your body can re...

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How to Prevent Hair Damage

We all know the basics of hair care: regular washing, shampooing and using conditioners to keep it moisturized, but do you know that you can do so much more to prevent your hair form being damaged?

Here are five important tips to follow:

1. When drying your hair, wrap it in a towel after taking a shower or a bath. The recommended alternative is to let it air dry. Don’t continuously handle your hair while it’s wet as it breaks a lot easier in this state. Combing or brushing your hair while its still wet is not recommended due to how delicate and soft the strands become.

2. Speaking of brushing, keep it to a minimum. Overbrushing and combing your hair leads to split ends. If you have straight hair, let it dry a bit before combing with a wide-tooth comb...

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Without proper sun protection, the sun’s UV rays can definitely do some damage to your skin, the most prevalent and immediate being the sunburn.

Sunburn happens when the cells in epidermis layer of the skin get damaged and die. When your skin gets exposed to UV rays long enough for it to be harmed, inflammation and DNA damage happens, resulting in sunburn. That’s why sunburned areas are always reddened, swollen and are accompanied by the sensation of burning.

Mild sunburns, or categorized as first-degree burns, are caused mostly by the UVB rays of the sun damaging your epidermis. These are called first-degree sunburns.

Second-degree sunburns happen when the damage gets deeper into your skin, resulting in swelling and blisters...

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Five Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Skin

Here are five DO’s and five DONT’s for your skin:


1. Apply Sunscreen Daily – The more, the better. The recommended application is a shot glass’ worth of sunscreen every couple of hours of being out in the sun. You should reapply accordingly. Remember that SPF has nothing to do with how long you can stay in the sun. Just because you’re wearing SPF 40 doesn’t mean you can spend all day out in the sun. Sunscreens cannot fully prevent all the possible harmful effects of the sun.

2. Exercise – Prespiration is a way your body removes toxins from its various systems. It also promotes production of sebum, your skin’s natural moisturizer. Not only that, exercise enhances blood flow, meaning that the more oxygen is carried to your skin, the better your skin health is.

3. Proper Nutrition – Thi...

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