Three Treatments That Will Change Your Life

If you have ever wanted to improve your appearance and rejuvenate your skin, you may be on the lookout for cosmetic treatments that will change your life. Here are three that will do just that:


Varicose veins can be unsightly and can sometimes be painful. These are enlarged blood vessels that appear on the limbs, most often on the legs. They are mostly purple, blue, or even skin-colored at times. They have a raised texture above the skin, and look dilated and twisting. Varicose veins appear when the valves in your blood vessels become defective, causing a backflow of blood, as opposed to just a one-way path. What sclerotherapy does is to clear up the appearance of varicose veins using injections directly onto the vein itself...

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What Not To Do About Your Acne

Acne can be a very pesky but common skin condition. Some ignore it, others do something about it. The best advice you can get when you have acne is to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist so it can be properly examined and a customized treatment plan can be drawn up. Others, however, try to take matters into their own hands. Here are six things you SHOULDN’T DO when you have acne:

1. Popping it
It’s tempting to pop a big pimple to try and get rid of it. This method however is very counterproductive, as popping it can further infect the area and can leave scarring. Popping and picking at it can spread the bacteria and can irritate your already inflamed skin. Pimples eventually go away, but scars can last forever.

2. Using Too Many Products on It
It can be frustrating to see your...

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Three Substances For Removing Blackheads

Blackheads are very pesky. Not only are they persistent but also provide an unsightly appearance on your face. When untreated, blackheads can lead to skin inflammation and acne breakouts. They form when your facial pores become plugged and blocked by various types of debris – like dirt, oil, or dead skin cells that accumulate on your epidermis. Here are three substances that help remove blackheads on your face:

Salicylic Acids

Many acne treatment products contain this substance that helps clean, exfoliate and soften your skin. It loosens the attachments between your skin cells, encouraging the unclogging of pores. Salicylic acids penetrate the oil layers and clogged pores, giving your skin a deep cleaning, and is also an anti-inflammatory substance...

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Every Day Things To Consider When You Have Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin have to watch out for many everyday things that can cause flare-ups, acne breakouts and other conditions that can be very uncomfortable. Here are three things that you should consider:

1. Fabrics
Many people with sensitive skin can become itchy when they start wearing certain types of fabric. Certain clothes with harder fabrics can be rough on the skin, and the friction from wearing them can cause itchiness and rashes. There is also the possibility of the treatments used by manufacturing companies on the fabrics. This includes any dyes for fabric coloration, and resins used to make them wrinkle-resistant. You should also take into account where the clothes have been.

Remember that even if you brought them from a store, it may mean that other people have tried o...

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5 Reasons Why You Should be Getting a Facial with Your Dermatologist

If you are looking for youthful, rejuvenated skin, then you should consider getting a professional facial from your skincare provider. Doing facial treatments at home is one thing, but getting them professionally done is another. Here are five reasons why you should get them done with your dermatologist:

1. A thorough analysis of your skin – As a skin expert, your dermatologist will carefully evaluate your skin from an aesthetic and medical standpoint, eventually categorizing your skin according to the most common skin types. From there, you can then get a personalized custom facial treatment that caters to your needs compared to a cookie-cutter type of treatment sold by beauty stores or pharmacies.

2. More effective treatments – The strength of the products used by your dermatologists ar...

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