5 Reasons Why You Should be Getting a Facial with Your Dermatologist

If you are looking for youthful, rejuvenated skin, then you should consider getting a professional facial from your skincare provider. Doing facial treatments at home is one thing, but getting them professionally done is another. Here are five reasons why you should get them done with your dermatologist:

1. A thorough analysis of your skin – As a skin expert, your dermatologist will carefully evaluate your skin from an aesthetic and medical standpoint, eventually categorizing your skin according to the most common skin types. From there, you can then get a personalized custom facial treatment that caters to your needs compared to a cookie-cutter type of treatment sold by beauty stores or pharmacies.

2. More effective treatments – The strength of the products used by your dermatologists are a lot stronger than those found in stores. This includes treatments like skin peels, exfoliation, and microdermabrasion. The treatments you receive will be professional-strength, meaning that they will be thorough, and you will be noticing results almost immediately.

3. You will get expert tips and advice – Your dermatologist will impart expert knowledge through all parts of your treatment – before, during and after. As a skincare expert, he or she knows how you can get the best results and how to properly prolong them. They will also encourage you to ask questions about expected expectations, possible side effects and any add-on treatments that can enhance your results.

4. Resolving any current skin issues – If you are suffering from skin issues, your dermatologist may recommend getting different types of facials to treat them. These skin issues include dryness, inflammation, acne, dark spots or blemishes, or fine lines. These problems can be diagnosed by your dermatologist and then he or she may recommend different type of facial treatments to resolve them.

5. As a way to relieve stress – Stress is a known factor in contributing to acne breakouts and increased tendencies of inflammation on your skin. Getting a professional facial treatment can circumvent that because it will put you in a good state of relaxation. Not only do they provide good health an aesthetic benefits but also de-stress you physically and physiologically. Lower stress levels then mean healthier skin.

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